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First Come the Zebra

Framed by the great migration of the animals,this book tells the story of two boys of different tribes in Africa who find a common cause and become friends.

Hiromi's Hands

A true story of a young Japanese girl's determination to follow her dream, and a tribute to the loving family who supported her.

Ask Albert Einstein

On behalf of her big sister, a little girl writes a letter to Albert Einstein asking for his help with some troubling math homework.

Knockin’ on Wood

The inspiring story of Peg Leg Bates, famous one legged tap dancer.

A Country Schoolhouse

A grandfather teaches his grandson that humble beginnings are not an obstacle to later success in life, by recounting his experiences in a three room country schoolhouse.

Radio Rescue

Based on true story, a boy becomes an amateur radio operator, and saves the day.

The Reluctant Flower Girl

A flower girl is pleasantly surprised when her big sister’s marriage brings them closer together.

Old Friends

Farrar Straus and Giroux 1998
Henrietta re-discovers her long-lost best friend in the last place she expects!

A Winter Walk

Ticknor and Fields 1991
A mother and daughter take a walk on a cold gray day and discover the colors of winter.

Rodney's Inside Story

Orchard Books 1991
A little grey bunny is read a bedtime story of Rodney the Rabbit who lives in a vegatable house in this story within a story within a story within a cabbage.