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Radio Rescue

“Through her warm, transporting watercolors and her stout text, she manages to turn the world of dots and dashes into a tour of time.”

--Kirkus Reviews

Recognition for Radio Rescue:

ALA Notable Books 2001, School Library Journal Best Books 2000, American Booksellers “Pick of the Lists” 2000, Bank Street Books Best Children’s Books of the Year, Smithsonian Institute Notable Books 2000.

In the 1920's a long-distance phone call can take hours. An overseas call is not possible at all. But there is a new invention, called wireless radio, that permits instant communication over long distances.

An excited young boy puts on his earphones and slowly turns a dial on his radio receiver waiting to hear the electronic sounds of Morse code.

This book tells the story of one boy and how he became an amateur radio operator just for fun, but got to use his skill for something much more important!